Despite constantly increasing security requirements for every loan, it is not impossible to demonstrate personal responsibility. Loan without guarantor is granted as a regular loan or as a special loan without Credit Bureau.

Loans with guarantors or co-applicants can be an arbitrary claim by the bank or indicate a real credit risk. We want you to draw the right conclusions from the guarantee claim. The credit advisor identifies ways in which you can obtain credit confidently and independently.

Loan without guarantor – possible reasons for the guarantee claim

Loan without guarantor - possible reasons for the guarantee claim

Across Europe, commercial credit providers may only grant credit if lending is considered secure. Loan without guarantor automatically offers the lender less security for lending than a guarantee loan. “Style blossoms” developed from this situation. Some banks even request spouses as co-applicants if there is no risk and the partner would not be economically liable.

Such a case would exist, for example, with the installment loan from Good Lender. Married couples must apply for the loan together. It does not matter whether one partner does the household and the other receives a six-figure annual income. But, such examples are the exception. A simple change of provider to an alternative lender from the loan comparison is enough to solve the problem.

It would be different if the bank refused the loan without a guarantor, since the personal credit rating is not sufficient to grant the loan. If there is a lack of personal creditworthiness, the credit institution regards the loan approval as a real risk. It would of course be possible that the risk appears too high only on the requested loan terms. This would be the case if an application was made at a particularly favorable interest rate independent of creditworthiness.

What to do if the bank requests a guarantor

What to do if the bank requests a guarantor

First of all, it is important not to stick your head in the sand. It would be important to understand why the requested credit institution demands the guarantor. As already mentioned, was it an extremely cheap interest rate that was offered, is there a real credit risk? The cause could be clarified by changing the offer. As a precaution, however, you should now only make a non-binding advance credit inquiry.

Credit Bureau will be notified of any bindingly requested and rejected credit request. Credit Bureau’s credit rating drops without being guilty of misconduct. A non-binding loan request is not marked negatively in the Credit Bureau, no matter what the credit decision looks like. If a higher-priced provider approved the loan without guarantor without obligation, the problem would already be solved.

Otherwise, special offers remain an option if you absolutely need to take out a loan. Credit with a negative Credit Bureau without guarantor is not an exceptional case, but the rule, provided sufficient creditworthiness for the lending would be demonstrable. The Agree Bank from Liechtenstein offers proof that it is also possible to act independently with a negative Credit Bureau credit rating.

Credit with negative Credit Bureau – get credit without guarantor

Credit with negative Credit Bureau - get credit without guarantor

Foreign bank credit without Credit Bureau almost automatically leads to the Liechtenstein bank. She is ready for the credit check to refrain from viewing Credit Bureau. Despite the high credit risk, the bank already excludes the guarantee loan in its credit terms. Either someone can afford their loan or they don’t get a loan. It can be similarly clear when it comes to credit despite Credit Bureau from Germany.

Best Bank offers borrowers quick credit, even if the Credit Bureau has a negative entry. The money can even be on the way for first-time applicants within 24 hours. The company generates credit security through short terms and small loan amounts. The concept is simple. Everyone who has a negative Credit Bureau entry knows the problems with liquidity shortages without overdraft from their own experience.

A small loan amount, in a manageable term, he will probably repay in order to keep the credit opportunity for the future. For existing customers who have already demonstrated their ability to repay, Best Bank even offers credit without a guarantor in 30 minutes. The loan amount could now, assuming sufficient income, be up to 3,000 USD with a term of 6 months.

Loan without guarantor – creating alternatives

Loan without guarantor - creating alternatives

If regular credit institutions require a loan guarantee, the provider is concerned with securing capital. This security can not only be guaranteed by a surety. Alternative means of protection would also be fixed capital, such as a savings contract or a real asset. Typical real assets that could secure a loan would be real estate or the paid vehicle.

Securing consumer loans without guarantors right away with the house as a pledge would, of course, go too far. A vehicle, on the other hand, is a property that is easy to sell, but in the long run the loss is not irreplaceable. Commercial lenders grant credit with the Kfz letter as collateral up to the amount of the real mortgage lending value. An official estimate (DAT) can show how high that is.

Reputable credit brokerage – loan without private guarantees

Reputable credit brokerage - loan without private guarantees

Reputable credit brokerage, unlike what the rainbow press sometimes says, is not an advertising invention. For example, Good Finance and Best Lender enjoy an impeccable reputation for serious loan brokerage without tricks and traps.

We recommend applying for the loan through Good Finance without any guarantor. The seriousness of the portal is demonstrated by the good media reputation and independent studies. Another advantage for Good Finance is that it is possible to use Kfz-Brief to obtain a loan from a bank or privately. One application covers all of the possibilities.