American steals drugs for insomnia and erectile dysfunction


Marc Shutta ran away from the store without paying. Photo / Montgomery County Police Department

An American man has been charged with theft after fleeing a drugstore with drugs to treat insomnia and erectile dysfunction.

Marc Shutta, 36, of Bethesda, Md., Fled the store after learning his health insurance would not cover the cost of drugs, Montgomery County Police said in court documents.

The documents indicate that Shutta approached the pharmacy counter where he was told that his insurance did not offer him a discount for his prescribed erectile dysfunction drugs and that he should instead pay US $ 369.39 (544 , $ 47), WJLA News reported.

“Shutta snatched the two prescriptions from the pharmacist, abandoned his grocery cart and fled the store on foot past all the available cash registers without paying for the items,” wrote a police officer.

The store was prepared to drop criminal charges if Shutta returned the drug, but police said he did not engage in the process, even when police called him twice.

“Shutta answered both times and hung up both times,” police alleged.

“[The officer] then left Shutta a text message using his county-issued cell phone and informed Shutta that he had until the next day to do the right thing and return the drug to the store and at most face a warning notice. ‘intrusion. “

He does not have.

“Shutta has clearly demonstrated a deliberate and deliberate action to avoid the responsibility of bringing back items that he has stolen without charges being laid,” wrote a police officer in a request for an arrest warrant.

Shutta was later arrested and awaits trial.

WLJA reports court records show Shutta is unemployed and living with his mother.

If convicted, he faces up to six months in prison and up to US $ 500 ($ 734) in fines.

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