Bedrocan back in stock in Malta after one month as director of drugs says shortage is ‘normal’


Bedrocan-branded medical cannabis is back in stock in Malta following a shortage that lasted almost a month and left patients without their medication.

This is far from the first time that the island has run out of drugs.

The latest shortage follows shortages recorded in December 2018 and August 2020. One patient said he experienced even more regular shortages, saying that “more often than not this is what we get when we try to get our medicine” .

Bedrocan’s supplier in Malta, Pharma.MT, told Lovin Malta that the strain was finally back in stock in pharmacies since yesterday.

The regular shortages have raised serious questions about the reliability of Malta’s prescription for medical cannabis, as the drug may be unavailable at any time. Drug shortages have serious consequences for patients who use the drug on a daily basis, and it is not always possible to find another drug to replace it.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, the head of the Maltese Medicines Authority, Anthony Serracino Inglott, said these shortages were “normal”.

“Since this is a natural product, it can easily be out of stock,” Serracino Inglott said.

Photo above: Pedanios, another strain of medical cannabis licensed in Malta

“Shortages are normal when it comes to a natural product, either because of a bad batch or because the product does not meet all the requirements,” he continued.

Serracino Inglott also suggested that in the event of a shortage, patients could use another type of medical cannabis currently available in Malta – the Pedanios strain.

Pain specialist Dr Andrew Agius and a strong advocate for cannabis legalization in Malta, said it could work as an option when the drug is out of stock.

“Both varieties contain the same amount of THC – 22%. It is also recommended to change the strain from time to time, ”he told Lovin Malta.

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