City of San Juan provides free medication to residents


FREE MEDICINES. A resident takes advantage of free medication in the atrium of San Juan City Hall during the launch of the free medication program, Friday, October 29, 2021. A medical prescription is required. (Photo courtesy of San Juan-PIO)

MANILA – The government of the city of San Juan has launched its “Libreng Gamot Para Sa Makabagong San Juan” program which will provide free medicine to residents.

Residents who are currently taking medications, such as diabetes and hypertension, may qualify for free medication, according to a Facebook post.

Also included are antibacterials, antihistamines (allergy), asthma medications, cough suppressants (cough), proton pump inhibitors (for stomach acid), micronutrients and vitamins.

The “Makbagong San Juan” medicine booths located in the atrium of the town hall are operational from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Patients are required to consult their doctor or nearby health centers and present a prescription indicating the name, age, sex, address, date, and the name and quantity of the drugs prescribed.

Up to three prescriptions can be presented while patient representatives must carry letters of authorization and identity cards.

List of free drugs (Courtesy of the City of San Juan-PIO)

Only five people at a time are allowed to enter a medicine booth in accordance with Covid-19 security protocols, with queue numbers provided in the waiting area.

The city government will strictly enforce the policy without a prescription or drug.

In addition to the counters of the town hall, residents can also obtain free medicines in the health centers of the villages.

If prescribed drugs are not available in the cabins, residents can visit the Public Assistance Center, which can provide financial assistance to purchase drugs from private pharmacies. (ANP)

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