Discrepancies Cited in Drug Prices in Afia Insurance System – ARAB TIMES


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KUWAIT CITY, May 10: The prices of medicines and treatments included in the health insurance system for pensioners are exaggerated and false, reports the daily Al-Shahid. According to a study conducted by the daily, the Constitution of Kuwait guarantees health care to citizens, as stipulated in Article No. 11 – The State guarantees assistance to citizens who are elderly, sick or incapacitated for work, and provides them also social insurance services. , social assistance and health care.

This is why pensioners’ health insurance bears the cost of a contract with a specialized insurance company as part of the health insurance coverage of retired citizens. The study brought to light a video clip on social media in which the high prices of Afia health insurance were highlighted compared to the prices charged in pharmacies. The owner of the video explains that the prices of some medicines prescribed by the specialist doctor do not exceed 3 KD, but they are recorded at 8 KD.

Canceled In addition to other drugs, the bill he received from Afia exceeds 60 KD. After contacting the company officials, they canceled the previously determined price of 60 KD and returned the actual price, which does not exceed 20 KD. pensioners, he said: “All this starts from your salary! You should be aware of all this”. He called on all retirees to check the drug price on the back and compare it with the amount deducted from the Afia health insurance scheme, adding, “In case of any difference between them or any increase in Afia prices, all pensioners must insist on deducting this increase and returning to the real price”.


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