Doctors at Doon Hospital arrested for prescribing outside drugs | Dehradun News


Dehradun: Government Doon Medical College and Hospital officials have warned doctors against prescribing drugs that are not available in the in-house pharmacy and said disciplinary action will be taken against those who engage in this practice.
The state health department had previously warned doctors at government centers to avoid prescribing outside drugs.
There have been complaints of doctors “doing this for a commission in tandem with medical reps and sales staff.”
In December last year, the health department carried out inspections following the allegations and then sent appropriate notices when prescriptions containing outside drugs were found.
It appeared that doctors were prescribing the same medicine under a different brand name which then had to be purchased elsewhere, creating inconvenience for patients.
“We have once again reminded our doctors to only prescribe drugs available to us. Every three months, we review the requirements and add the necessary medications to our pharmacy. In case a specific drug is not available, the closest composition is prescribed but we try to keep it in-house only,” said Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) of Doon Hospital, Dr KC Pant.
The CMS said there have been general complaints from doctors engaging in monetary activities, but no specific complaints against any particular doctor have been raised so far.
“If there are allegations against a doctor, we will immediately inform his superior and take departmental action against him. Such practices will not be tolerated,” the CMS said.
Medicines in all public hospitals are supposed to be given to patients free of charge. But there is a nexus in which doctors work with sales reps for profit and end up prescribing specific drugs for a commission, creating problems for patients most of whom come from low-income backgrounds and cannot afford these drugs.



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