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Much has been said about the shortage of certain HRT products, but these are not the only unobtainable drugs. Your report mentions a shortage of antihistamines (Boots, Superdrug and other chemists report shortages of hay fever pills, May 10). On Wednesday I couldn’t get adrenaline, which I need for an allergy. No accessibility date could be given. There is no alternative. I’ve been waiting for Betnovate ointment for weeks.

Ahead of me in the queue was a lady who needed medicine. She had received 90 tablets (half of her prescription) previously, but that was all that was available. No one had entered and she fled. No arrival date could be given. I guess she had been waiting almost four weeks.

My daughter, a breast radiologist, tells me that she cannot source the preferred strength of local anesthetic used in biopsies.

This must be the tip of the iceberg. Without certain drugs, like adrenaline, you can die. What is going on? HRT is getting attention, but all the other shortages should be too.
jenny young
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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