FDA warns coffee being recalled after analysis finds risky pharmaceutical drugs


A coffee product marketed as offering alleged benefits for weight loss and anxiety relief has been recalled after it tested positive for two pharmaceutical drugs, including one that was pulled from the market by the FDA there. is years old due to its various health risks. The Food and Drug Administration notes that the presence of these two chemicals makes it an unapproved drug.

The recall comes from Dash Xclusive, which is recalling all of its Imperia Elita Vitaccicco coffee after an FDA analysis found two undeclared compounds: sibutramine, a formerly FDA-approved appetite suppressant, and fluoxetine, an approved drug FDA prescribed for certain mental health conditions. . Both compounds pose potentially serious health risks.

Both of these compounds are risky, especially if you don’t know you’re consuming them. According to the FDA, sibutramine’s approval was withdrawn after numerous health risks became apparent, including heart failure and stroke. Fluoxetine, on the other hand, is approved for use with conditions such as panic disorder, OCD, depression, and bulimia.

This latter drug also comes with a warning that it can cause suicidal thoughts and behavior, requiring close monitoring by the doctor prescribing it. The drug can also cause reactions such as elevated mood, low sodium levels, abnormal bleeding, high serotonin levels, etc.

The recalled Vitaccino coffee was sold online across the United States; the company, which notifies its customers on eBay, says it has not received any reports of adverse events related to the recalled product. Customers are advised to stop using coffee and contact their doctor if they have had any health problems that may be caused by coffee.


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