High Cost of Pharmaceutical Drugs Is the Topic of Carson City Democratic Luncheon | News from Carson City, Nevada


Event date:

March 2, 2020 – 11:30 a.m.

Mary Liveratti, former president of AARP Nevada, will lead a discussion on the spiraling cost of prescription drugs at Monday’s Democratic lunch. She will present the stunning documentary Big Pharma: Market Failure, which covers the role of the pharmaceutical industry in soaring drug costs.

The rest of the world has understood that government action is needed to bring the cost of life-saving drugs to their citizens. Sadly, this is unlikely to happen in this country anytime soon, as Big Pharma lobbyists outnumber lawmakers in Washington DC.

Even the Affordable Care Act didn’t hit Big Pharma and didn’t address the cost of drugs. Only increased public awareness will get things done on this issue, and this documentary is a positive step in that direction. It’s an object lesson in how an otherwise benign industry can become predatory in the absence of regulatory safeguards.

Portions of this documentary were shown at a recent Sierra Nevada forum, and it was such a jaw drop that Mary Liveratti agreed to show it in its entirety at this week’s lunch and lead a discussion on its implications for public policy.

This event is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on Monday, March 2 at the Carson City Roundtable, 3325 Retail Drive, just off College Parkway. An all-you-can-eat pizza and salad buffet is available for $ 7.99, 10% off for seniors. Water is free, supplement for fountain drinks. Suggested donations of $ 5 or more are gratefully accepted, but are not required. Everyone is welcome.

Sponsored by the Democratic Men’s Committee, these lunches help keep the lights on at Democratic Headquarters in Carson City. For more information, contact Rich Dunn at 434-8783 or [email protected]


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