Hospitals suffering from a serious shortage of medicines


COLOMBO (News 1st); A severe shortage of drugs is reported at Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital.

Patients say that most drugs prescribed by doctors who come to clinics are not dispensed by the hospital.

Patients said that despite being told to buy the drugs, hospital pharmacies either face severe shortages or cannot afford to buy them.

Generally, public hospitals are visited by low-income families who cannot make extravagant purchases, let alone medicines.

Many of those who could not buy medicine, even from private pharmacies, witnessed it due to the shortage of medicine in the country.

Doctors point out that Anuradhapura University Hospital does not even have life-saving drugs.

Dr Shashika Withanage, a doctor on duty at the emergency unit of Anuradhapura University Hospital, said people’s lives were in serious danger as their safety was at serious risk due to the shortage of medicines.

“If I’m having a heart attack right now, the hospital doesn’t have the drops to maintain the necessary blood pressure,” he said.

In this context, Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital is also facing challenges in performing surgical operations.

Dr. Ajantha Rajakaruna, Deputy Secretary of the Association of Government Physicians, points out that there is a huge shortage of drugs in intensive care units, in addition to a shortage of life-saving drugs.

“Even if planned surgeries are performed, it becomes impossible to perform emergency surgeries. of fuel supply system for our drugs. transport trucks. It is easier to list the drugs that are available than to list the drugs that are not available. That is to say how serious this shortage is said Dr. Rajakaruna.

Director of Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital, Dr. Dulan Samaraweera echoes a similar sentiment, pointing out that there is an overall shortage of medicines affecting the whole island, which has also affected the hospital.

Meanwhile, most of the patients who came to Colombo National Hospital said they had to buy most drugs prescribed by the hospital from private pharmacies.

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