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Erie County Medicaid Report 2016

Erie County ranks in the middle of the pack when it comes to its percentage of Medicaid recipients, compared to other surrounding counties, according to the report. The total number of Medicaid recipients for last year in Erie County was 286,145 people, nearly half of whom were Caucasian.

“More than the majority of the money is spent on whites,” Poloncarz said. “So, for those who thought that a person who receives Medicaid is a person of color, that is not correct. He is a person of any color.”

The number of Medicaid recipients has increased every year, particularly as part of the expansion of qualifications under the Affordable Care Act. Under this federal law, a family of four, earning up to $ 32,319, is eligible for Medicaid assistance, Poloncarz said, making it available to low-income working families living above the cutoff. federal poverty.

Szukala said if current trends continue, more than a third of all county residents will receive some form of Medicaid assistance within five years.

Medicaid’s latest report also shows that inner-suburbs like Cheektowaga, Hamburg, Amherst and the city of Tonawanda have seen one of the strongest growth in Medicaid enrollment since 2010.


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