KSDP mobilizes to address drug shortage in government hospitals in Kerala


Alappuzha: Kerala State Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd (KSDP) is trying its best to solve the problem of drug shortage in government hospitals by increasing the production of drugs. Medicines for fever and other related ailments were handed over to Kerala Medical Services Corporation (KMSCL). 54 lakhs of amoxicillin antibiotic tablets and 34 lakhs of azithromycin tablets prescribed for pneumonia, sore throat, cough and sinus were among the drugs handed over. Metformin used to control blood sugar will soon be handed over, KSDP chief executive EA Subramanian said.

After seeing a slight deviation in the quality of drugs produced by KSDP, the pharmaceutical company was no longer receiving new orders. Sriram Venkitaraman, Managing Director of Kerala Medical Services Corporation (KMSCL) gave the final nod, after which KSDP started production of several batches of drugs.

Drugs worth Rs 14 crore on the order of Rs 23 crore donated in May have been transferred so far. The drugs worth the remaining Rs 7 crore will soon be handed over to KMSCL. KSDP factories are now equipped to also produce injections. KSDP Chairman CB Chandrababu said more drugs will be handed out in the coming months.


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