Kuwait: seizure of large number of unauthenticated drugs


Dubai: The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health (MoH) today announced that it had seized a large number of unauthenticated pharmaceutical preparations from one of the perfumeries in the Sabah Al Salem region during an inspection visit, reported the daily Al Anba.

A team of pharmacists from the Medicines Inspection Service inspected the perfume store. Inspecting pharmacist Walid Hammoud said these seized amounts of the ointment are used as a skin whitener for women and were obtained from an unknown source without any purchase invoice.

AX brand products used to help relieve cold symptoms were also seized in addition to body and abdominal pain relievers, which were also imported from an unknown source.

Pharmacist Inspector Abdul Rahman Al Shammari said other medical products seized included the product Sudocrem used in the treatment of skin conditions such as rashes, burns, dry skin, as well as Greenson paint used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. , burns, acne and dehydration of the skin. .

He added that all of these preparations are available in the store without invoices, indicating that there is no evidence to ensure their safety and the accuracy of their ingredients. The sellers have shown that they do not know the provenance of these products and that they are regularly sold to customers.


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