Locations for free and safe disposal of pharmaceutical drugs expand in Onondaga County


Unused or expired medicines in our homes can lead to dangerous situations.

According to two organizations in central New York that fight both drug abuse and abuse, and the potential damage to the environment caused by improper disposal of pharmaceuticals.

Since the program began in 2015, more than 3,500 pounds of unused and expired drugs have been properly disposed of. Over 1,000 pounds of needles or sharps have been collected and properly disposed of.

This is all happening as part of a joint effort between the Citizens Campaign for the Environment and Sharps, Needles and Disposal of Medicines (SNADD).

With more locations available, the group hopes to collect even more and help reduce the risk of drug abuse and abuse in our communities.

“If you just throw them in the trash or leave stocks in your homes, young children can find them and you will have a lot more accidental poisonings,” said Hanna Ring, program coordinator for the Citizens’ Campaign for the World. ‘environment. “Plus, people can abuse them more easily. they are easy to access.

Ring says there are more concerns besides drug abuse and abuse.

“Our municipal waste treatment systems and sewage treatment facilities cannot handle pharmaceutical waste, so water contaminated with pharmaceuticals is simply dumped into our waterways – it harms fish and fish. aquatic life, ”Ring explained. “While more research is needed on the potential effects on human health of water contaminated with pharmaceuticals, this is something we should be concerned about. “

To see the 12 drop-off points and the interactive map in Onondaga County, click here.


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