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Nagpur: To make Nagpur filaria-free, ensure that you and all your family members and community members consume anti-filaria drugs, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) Chief Radhakrishnan B said. in a statement at the launch of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) in May. 25.
He expressed his commitment to ending lymphatic filariasis, or filaria, by consuming the drugs himself. In line with the state public health department’s commitment to eliminate filariasis by 2030, rounds of DMMs were launched in the district on Wednesday.
The head of the NMC stressed the urgent need for community participation in order to make this program a success. “Therefore, for a healthy Nagpur, we must make all health-related programs a mass movement,” he said.
Zilla parishad chairman Rashmi Barve inaugurated the program in rural areas of the district. She also consumed anti-filariasis drugs during the launch, to show her support and confidence in the program. Every effort will be made to ensure that 100 percent of beneficiaries consume anti-filariasis drugs in the presence of trained health administrators.
At the same time, awareness sessions will be organized in collaboration with the health department for people who do not understand the seriousness of filariasis and refuse to take the drugs. The importance of medication will be explained to them and the consumption of medication will be facilitated.
The additional director of state health services, Dr. SD Nimgade, said: “In this scheme, three drugs will be given to the beneficiaries. The prescribed dose of ivermectin with albendazole will be administered free of charge through a door-to-door campaign by trained health workers. »
The drug will not be dispensed for unsupervised consumption. These drugs should not be given to children under two years of age, pregnant women, or people with serious illnesses. Dr. Nimgade said that in this program, 4,030 drug administrators and 403 supervisors will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the consumption of antifilariasis drugs.
The district health officer, Dr. Deepak Sailokar, highlighted the safety of these drugs. People with high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis or other common illnesses should also take these drugs, he said. “Most people will not have any side effects when taking anti-filariasis drugs. The presence of filarial germs in a person’s body can be indicated by symptoms such as vomiting, dizziness, itching or nausea. These symptoms are a sign that human blood microfilariae are being eliminated by these drugs,” Dr. Sailokar added.
The district filariasis officer, Monika Charmode, said filariasis is a serious public health problem, which is transmitted through mosquito bites and is a leading cause of long-term disability. “It usually occurs in childhood but appears in adulthood. This infection damages the lymphatic system. If not treated in time, it causes abnormal swelling of body parts. People with filariasis suffer often such manifestations as hydrocele (inflammation of the scrotum), lymphedema (swelling of the limbs) and chyluria (milky-white urine).The disease can only be prevented with the annual intake of antifilarial drugs.She also mentioned that the district had carried out all preparatory activities, including the training of administrators and supervisors of medicines. Health workers were also trained in Covid safety protocols, to prevent the transmission of diseases during the administration of medicines antifilarias,” said Charmode.
NMC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Narendra Bahirwar and District Filaria Officer Dr. Jasmeen Mulani jointly stated that the program can be successfully implemented by developing strategies at all levels of the municipality. .
Representatives from other associations and the media were present at the ceremony, along with other NMC health officials and representatives from the health department.

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