Medwiki drug online video library launched to help Indians understand their drugs


Medwiki, an online drug video library with over a lakh of medicine videos ( was launched recently to help Indians better understand their drugs.

Medwiki is a search engine based video library that can be used by any Indian to search for the name of the drug for which the patient has been prescribed. Videos are produced by Medwiki’s trusted pharmacists and trained in plain language to answer the top 4-5 questions customers typically have about medications. The videos have surpassed 10 million viewers on YouTube.

“There is too much information on the internet with answers to all kinds of questions, whether it’s about weight loss, Covid testing or about diabetes or heart disease. However, surprisingly, people forget to ask the most basic questions in their daily life: what is this drug? How should I take it ? How it works? 95% of Indians do not know what their medicine is, which leads to poor adherence and adherence to it. Due to lack of knowledge, people end up consuming the wrong substitutes for drugs, thus affecting their health. Medwiki was created to answer these essential questions and give patients the right knowledge about their medications. We have launched Medwiki in English and Hindi and plan to make the videos available in 6-8 vernacular languages ​​soon, ”said Amit Choudhary, Founder and CEO of Medwiki.

According to Choudhary, factors such as the growth of the internet, smartphones, increased penetration of data and social media platforms across the country can be used to create better technological tools to foster better engagement with customers. of the health sector. This will lead to better management and consumption of health care among Indians. “Medwiki is just the start. We have many resources that will help Indians navigate the complexities of our health care system. When people are armed with information, they have better access to care, which ultimately leads to better health outcomes, ”Mr. Choudhary said.

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