Patients deprived of free drugs in GGH


Kakinada: People have complained about the poor sanitation prevailing at the Government General Hospital (GGH) here, where people from the twin districts of Godavari go.

“The whole area stinks and gives off a foul odor.” Some patients have expressed anguish that doctors are not paying attention to them. “Doctors ask us to buy medicine from outside medical stores,” they pointed out. Even though the government spends millions of rupees on free distribution of drugs to patients, medical staff are shirking their responsibilities and asking patients to go to private medical shops, they criticized.

Hundreds of patients will come for an ECG and X-ray, but the relevant staff pays no attention to them. Patients, unable to wait any longer, go to private hospitals for ECGs and other tests. Patients asked District Collector Chevuri Hari Kiran to help them get scans, x-rays and ECG services and to get prescribed medicines from the GGH. They also asked the collector to issue a prescription to keep GGH stench-free and to maintain hygiene.

Speaking to The Hans India, Superintendent of Government General Hospital (GGH), Dr P Venkata Budda said 53 corona cases were recorded during the third wave and added that good treatment had been provided to all. The hospital’s bed capacity has increased to 1,211 and medical oxygen facilities are also available to meet the demand, he added. Stating that they are taking necessary measures and doing their best to keep the hospital tidy and keep the environment pure and clean, he warned people to be vigilant regarding the third wave.

Dr K Gowreswar Rao, District Medical and Health Officer (DMHO), told The Hans India that despite the gradual decrease in Covid cases in the district, people should be cautious about the third wave, which is in phase transmission. He said 4,673 active cases were recorded in the district and regularly between 200 and 250 positive cases were recorded in the district. He advised people to follow the Covid-19 protocol.


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