Patients scramble for drugs as public hospitals run out of stock | Agra News


Agra: At the SN District Hospital and Faculty of Medicine, the region’s largest government health center, patients have been rushing for medicine over the past two weeks.
According to records, more than 70 percent of the drugs are not available at the SN district hospital and medical school.
Skin, neurology, cardiology, ENT, antibiotics and syrups for children are out of stock.
When asked what steps were being taken to close the gap, health ministry officials said the bidding process for the supply of drugs had been finalized.
The drugs will be available by next week, they added.
A resident of Shahganj, Rajkamal Gautam, who is diabetic, said he was only able to obtain 1 of the 4 drugs prescribed by the doctor at SN medical school.
“Also last month, I was only able to get 2 drugs. Now I’m going to have to go to a medical store to buy the ones I couldn’t get in the hospital.
Unable to get medicine – which is free – at the district hospital, Vimal Verma, a resident of Wazirpura, said: “I have a rash on my back and the pain is excruciating. The doctor had prescribed two drugs and an ointment. I was asked to come after 3 days because at the moment neither is available. Earlier also I was unable to get them and had to spend Rs 300 in a private medical store for Rs 300. I am a daily bet and cannot afford treatment in private hospitals.
SN Medical School Director Dr Prashant Gupta said: “There is currently a shortage of drugs. The tendering procedure for the supply of medicines has been completed. We will ensure that the hospital has supplies within a week.
District hospital superintendent Dr AK Agarwal said: “The backorder list is being prepared. A complaint was received regarding the unavailability of syrup for children. But when we checked it was there in the stock.
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