Police help hunt for medicine for locked-out residents


Xia Xin, 65, lives alone in a locked apartment building in Taopu Town, Putuo District. He panicked a bit a few days ago when he realized he was running out of anti-hypertensive medication.

After reporting his problem to the neighborhood committee, he was dismayed to learn that the city hospital was out of stock.

Qian Youji, 54, an officer from the Baili police station that serves this residential complex, stepped in to help.

A community volunteer was given a pass to travel to other parts of the district and eventually got Xia’s prescribed medicine from a hospital in another city.

“We receive dozens of calls daily from residents asking for medicine, and the city hospital’s shortage of routine prescriptions is making it harder for us to meet their needs,” said Qian, who serves 7,600 inhabitants, many of whom are elderly.

Most of Shanghai’s densely populated urban districts are still under lockdown or restriction measures, preventing many people from leaving their compound, sub-district or city.

Shanghai police have mobilized forces on the ground to help meet residents’ urgent needs, and medicine is high on the agenda.

In Hongkou District, Chen Hongbin, an officer from Quyang Road Police Station, took action after learning that a large number of people living in a nursing home on Chifeng Road needed daily medicine for various illnesses. chronicles.

On his electric police bicycle, he carried more than 20 health insurance cards with him and received more than 200 boxes of prescribed drugs from three hospitals on Monday afternoon.

“I reminded people in the nursing home to disinfect the drugs before distributing them to people, and I will make sure to meet any other needs,” Chen said.

People in urgent need of medicine they couldn’t get at local hospitals can call 110 to seek police help, Shanghai police said.


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