Prescribing generic drugs or those available at pharmacies, doctors say: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Amritsar, October 2

The district health department has asked doctors working in various CHCs, PHCs and government clinics to prescribe drugs available at government pharmacies.

The department asked them to only prescribe generic drugs in case they had to prescribe a drug, which is not available in pharmacies in public hospitals.

In the new instructions issued by the Office of the Civil Surgeon, doctors have also been asked to have all medical tests performed by their institute laboratories and, in case a test is not available at a particular location, those – these must be performed by Government Medical laboratories. University.

The civil surgeon’s office has asked health ministry employees to follow the instructions seriously. The move aims to provide affordable treatment to patients who visit public hospitals.

With the recent change in senior state government officials, the medical fraternity sees this decision as part of the plan to reconnect with the public.

“Doctors working with the public health sector have no problem prescribing drugs available in public hospitals or having tests done in public hospitals. But it will be necessary to see if the government will provide enough drugs to the patients, ”said a doctor.


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