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Dehradun: Several public hospitals in the city were dismantled by the state health department for allegedly prescribing drugs that were available in private pharmacies outside of hospitals, making it difficult for the population to purchase .
Medicines in all public hospitals are given to patients free of charge. However, for several months, the Ministry of Health received complaints according to which the doctors of these establishments prescribed such drugs, and also “worked with medical representatives and salesmen to make money”.
“Upon learning, the state health department formed teams and sent them to public hospitals for inspection. They discovered that some prescriptions did indeed mention external drugs, ”said Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Manoj Upreti.
Inspections were reportedly carried out at Coronation Hospital, Gandhi Shatabdi, Doon Medical College, among others.
The authorities shut down some of these institutions to immediately stop the practice, and also identified a few doctors who repeatedly engaged in it.
“I have spoken to some of these doctors and they claim that outside drugs are only prescribed when they are not available in their respective hospitals’ stock. We have tasked the chief medical directors of all these institutions to ensure that the drugs are readily available, ”added the CMO.
The department, meanwhile, said it would take necessary action against doctors who continue the practice. They will monitor the situation to keep health services accessible to low-income groups.


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