Roundup: NDR Medical opens site in Japan, WellAway provides medicine to migrant workers and more briefs


NDR Medical opens an office in Japan

Singaporean medical device manufacturer NDR Medical has opened a new office in Tokyo, Japan, its fourth location in Asia Pacific. The company also operates in China and Malaysia.

Along with its opening, the company will also conduct a multi-site trial for its Automated X-ray Needle Targeting (ANT-X) system with two Japanese university hospitals. The trial is expected to begin in the second quarter and will involve more than 100 patients.

The results of the upcoming study will be used for the company’s submission for approval of its robotic intervention device to the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency.

“Japan currently has the highest number of CT scanners per million people in the world. This is a mature medical technology market, and healthcare facilities and staff across the country know how to leverage technology solutions to improve treatment outcomes,” said Alan, CEO of NDR Medical. Goh explaining why they chose to open a new location in Japan.

This announcement follows NDR Medical’s partnership with a regenerative medicine company CGBIO will conduct clinical trials of its ANT-X system in South Korea.

WellAway Partners with SATA CommHealth to Provide Medicines to Migrant Workers

DocMed Technology has partnered with the SATA CommHealth charity group to deliver medicines to migrant workers starting April 1.

SATA CommHealth, which is one of four flagship operators appointed by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower under its Primary Care Plan, provides teleconsultation services to migrant workers. According to a press release, the delivery of the drugs will be made through DocMed’s WellAway online pharmacy.

WellAway said it took the initiative to include multilingual pictograms above standard medication labels to help patients understand what they were prescribed.

“Our partnership with WellAway will help us provide quality, affordable and accessible health care to migrant workers. With WellAway’s value-added service for drug supply and delivery, we can focus more on consultations and deliver better treatment outcomes to patients. said SATA CommHealth CEO Dr. Kelvin Phua.

MedLern Launches Trauma Nursing Course

MedLern, a healthcare company spun off by a learning management systems developer Impelsyshas partnered with the US-based Emergency Nurses Association to deliver the latter’s basic trauma nursing courses to Indian emergency nurses.

Launched in January 2020, MedLern offers comprehensive learning, training and skills development for healthcare professionals through its digital platform.

According to MedLern, their training partnership with ENA, a professional organization of more than 50,000 emergency nurses, will help meet India’s need for more skilled trauma nurses.

“India’s need for qualified trauma nurses continues to grow rapidly,” CEO Deepak Sharma said. “Dedicated training programs, care protocols and checklists, and systematic data-driven quality improvement programs can quickly have a big positive impact.”

ENA President Jennifer Schmitz said she stands ready to “work with and support nurses who seek to improve their skills and gain confidence in the way they provide trauma care.”

Other ENA courses, such as the Pediatric Emergency Nursing course and the Geriatric Emergency Nursing course, will soon be added to MedLern’s platform, the company said.


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