San Juan provides free medicine


QUALIFIED residents of the city of San Juan can now benefit from free medication prescribed by a physician.

The drugs will be distributed from the town hall and the health centers of the barangay (villages) concerned, according to the mayor Francisco Javier “Francis” Manlapit Zamora.

“Today we will officially open our free medicines for modern San Juan. Our program aims to provide free medicines to our citizens. Free medicines that can help us meet our needs,” Zamora said in Filipino at About the medical program that started on Tuesday.

The free drugs are antibacterials such as amoxicillin, azithromycin, cefalexin, cefuroxime, ciprofloxacin, clarithromycin, cloxacillin, co-amoxiclav, cotrimoxazole, doxycycline, erythromycin and metronidazole. For maintenance drugs: amlodipine, atorvastatin, clonidine, losartan, simvastatin, metformin, glibenclamide and gliclazide. For micronutrients: ascorbic acid, ferrous sulfate, multivitamin, gold, vitamin b complex and sodium ascorbate plus zinc. For analgesics and antipyretics: aspirin, celecoxib, mefenamic acid and paracetamol. For antihistamines, asthma and cough suppressants: acetylcysteine ​​powder, ambroxol, carbocisteine, cetirizine, cinnarizine, diphenhydramine, lagundi syrup, loratadine, phenylpropanolamine and salbutamol. For proton pump inhibitors, omeprazole, loperamide, oresol and rabies immunoglobulin vaccines are available.

“And if what you need is not available, you just have to go to our public assistance center and we will provide you with cash assistance to buy the medicines you need. We can help you with n ‘any drug,’ Zamora said.

He cautioned residents, however, against a “no prescription, no drugs” policy.

In a post posted on social media, Zamora pointed out that residents can take advantage of the service once a month. In addition, a minimum of three different receipts from three different patients was only allowed to provide for each authorized beneficiary.

Public Information Officer (PIO) A Brian Geli texted the Manila Times that a total annual budget of 20 million pesos was allocated for the said project.

“The annual budget of the city of San Juan for free medicines to its constituents is 20 million pesos. This is in addition to the free medications that San Juan Medical Center patients receive when they are hospitalized, ”he said.

Last February, the local government also provided free medical services to its indigent residents through the “Libreng Serbisyong Medical” (free medical service) program where local medical services included laboratory and diagnostic procedures, vaccination, surgery, as well as rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Local residents admitted to the San Juan Medical Center were not billed for hospital and drug costs due to a “zero balance billing policy” implemented, according to Geli.

“They leave the hospital without paying anything,” he said.

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