Stoneleigh House, Springhead, condemned to improve due to medication management concerns


A CARE home in Saddleworth has been ordered to improve again due to concerns that drugs are not being handled safely.

Stoneleigh House in Springhead is rated ‘in need of improvement’ by healthcare regulator the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The watchdog carried out a targeted inspection in November and December 2020 and violations of the law were found.

The Cooper Street facility completed an action plan after the last visit to show what it is doing to improve its safety and governance.

Then last month, the CQC carried out a “targeted” inspection audit, the plan was followed and the legal requirements were met.

The council had also asked the watchdog to inspect in order to increase the bed capacity of care homes in the borough.

But the two areas the home was marked on, its security and leadership, marked “needs improvement” after the inspection.

Although no evidence that people were harmed was found, the CQC said “the drugs were not managed safely”, resulting in a violation of safety of care regulations and treatments.

The regulator said the supplier’s auditing and quality control processes had not been sufficiently improved and that it was still in breach of a regulation in this area.

The report said: “During our last inspection, we recommended that the provider review the process for home drug testing. Although the process has been reviewed, no improvement in practice has been made.

“Medications were not always managed safely. We found that controlled medications were not administered and documented according to guidelines

“The number of other drugs prescribed did not match. For example, based on the drugs received and administered, 65 pain tablets for one person were not counted.”

There have been improvements noted by the CQC though.

During the last inspection, it was reported that “staff had not been recruited safely and that the training and support provided to ensure they could deliver care safely was inconsistent”. which amounted to a violation of the regulations.

But “enough improvements have been made” after the last visit and the supplier is no longer in breach of regulations.

The report adds: “Safe recruitment processes were followed. All security checks and required documentation were completed in the personnel files we reviewed.

“People told us that enough staff had been deployed to meet their needs and that they did not have to wait too long for help when requested.

The house was clean and effective cleaning and infection control processes were in place. Staff have confirmed that they have received the necessary training, guidance and support to keep themselves and people safe and to follow procedures.”

The other three areas in which the nursing home is marked by the CQC, its “efficiency”, its “responsiveness” and its “benevolence” remain “good”.

At the time of the inspection, 22 people were living at the house.

The nursing home has been approached for comment.


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