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“Herbal Care for Chronic Dangerous Diseases”

KUWAIT CITY, November 21: The Department of Health has warned against promoting herbal products and nutritional supplements as a treatment for certain chronic diseases through social media posts or sites, while urging the public to stop using drugs that are not prescribed by doctors, Al-Qabas reports daily. The ministry said the claims were unfounded and had not been scientifically proven, calling on everyone to refrain from taking medication without consulting their doctor. The ministry is also monitoring the marketing of medical products, saying it will take necessary action against anyone who is proven to be marketing unregistered and unapproved products.

Meanwhile, a medical expert has pointed out that using supplements or herbs as a basic treatment for patients with diabetes, colon, blood pressure, heart, kidneys, and other health issues can lead to dangerous complications, even death. In addition, Dr Ghanem Al-Salem, consultant in internal diseases, digestive system and endoscopy, said that the medical mixtures and preparations have gained popularity thanks to some social media accounts, given the principles of freedom of the press. and advertising. He clarified that some of them are not dangerous, but the danger lies in the ignorance of the prescriptions of the doctors. He claimed that chronic disease treatments in hospitals are irreplaceable, as they are approved by international medical organizations. Al-Salem stressed the need to see a doctor if anyone wishes to take any herbs or mixtures, in addition to the basic treatment provided by the hospital.


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