Study on how natural medicines treat long COVID


BALTIMORE (WMAR) – There are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to the long COVID, but a national study is trying to determine if natural medicines work to help patients get better and they are looking for Marylanders to enroll.

“Our natural medicine of homeopathy can provide relief to patients. I have seen it clinically. I have seen my long COVID patients improve and I know I can help these patients,” said the principal investigator, Dr Elizabeth Rice.

With no treatment options available, the long COVID can be debilitating. Arizona health care worker Evelyn Hernandez knows this all too well.

“I still have a lot of fatigue. I had at one point lost a lot of hair. I have depression and anxiety,” Hernandez said.

She contracted COVID over a year ago while working in hospice care.

“One of our medical assistants actually had it and when she tested positive I was also having symptoms at that time,” Hernandez said.

A new study from the JAMA Network estimates that half of COVID-19 patients have symptoms lasting beyond six months.

A new multi-state study aims to see how natural medicines work to treat the long symptoms of COVID. Hernandez is one of the first participants.

“Of course I want all of these symptoms to go away, but that would also be very helpful for other people,” Hernandez said.

The doctors who work there volunteered their time to help develop individualized treatment plans for each participant.

“These drugs are made from substances in nature like minerals and plants,” Rice said. “They are prescribed on the basis of an interesting concept of similar cures and so it is a little different approach than conventional medicine.”

The study is based on the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences. Participants will complete surveys at the start, middle, and end of the 12-week study to measure their fatigue, quality of life, and symptoms to see if those who received the actual medications improved more than those who received the actual medications. who took placebos.

“There aren’t many therapies available, even in the world of natural medicine, that can treat both physical and mental emotional symptoms, so homeopathy is the perfect fit for these patients,” Rice said. .

To be eligible, you must be vaccinated and tested positive for COVID at least 60 days ago, among other conditions. Click here to verify your eligibility.

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