Take over-the-counter medications together


Take over-the-counter medications together

Magnesium, one of the amazing minerals, performs many functions in the human body. According to one study, magnesium regulates blood pressure, heart rate and promotes bone health. WebMD. Magnesium-deficient adults have been shown to have higher levels of inflammation. This is associated with many health problems, including diabetes. Research suggests that magnesium can help fight depression and boost athletic performance. Health line.

Too much magnesium can also be problematic. Excess magnesium can lead to serious health problems, such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy and muscle weakness, respiratory distress, cardiac arrest and low blood pressure. Health line).

You might not accumulate too much magnesium if you eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in minerals. However, it is possible to run into problems if you combine certain over-the-counter medications. It is important for consumers to know which over-the-counter medications contain magnesium. Obviously, magnesium supplements do. But did you also know that magnesium supplements are effective? GavisconANTACIDS antacid treatment contains magnesium in all its formulations. It is the same milk of magnesiaIt is a remedy for constipation. Pedia-Lax chewable tablets,They are prescribed as medication for constipation in children. These magnesium drugs can combine with other drugs, which is especially dangerous for people with reduced kidney function. Medicines.com.


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